Pursuing Goals Can Be a Flashlight on Your Journey to Your Purpose

Pursuing and accomplishing goals can help you to start living your life, instead of just existing.

There is a point in everyone’s life when you ask yourself the question, “Why”. You know how it goes… “Why am I doing what I am doing”? That question could be related to your choice of career, significant other, financial decisions or even eating that second bowl of ice cream. It is usually the question asked when there is a realization that you may be stuck in a rut. This question is often a motivator for change and without change, it can be quite difficult for you to get out of the rut that you are in. One way to get out of the rut is to set a goal and in doing so, you may begin to identify your purpose in life.

The great thing about creating a plan for your life that is it incorporates long and short-term goals is that it can provide you a bird’s eye view of your possible paths in life. This view creates an energy within you that can push you to carry out your plan.

As you push towards reaching your goals, you will have good days and bad days. Truth? The bad days will come and when they do, you may feel like throwing in the towel and forgetting the whole thing. This is natural, do not give up. You should think about the “you” that you will ultimately become once you have completed your goals. By keeping your end goal in mind, you will be able to persevere until you get to the good days. It is the good days that will keep you pumped and will remind you that you are getting close to your target. As you meet your goal milestones it will become more and more real that you are getting closer to the life that you want to live.

In order to stay on track and out of the rut, try these “flashlights” to help you see your path:

  • Avoid outlandish goals, you want them to be obtainable. For instance, while it would be wonderful to win the lottery, that is not something in your control.
  • Keep working on each goal until you have completed them.
  • Evaluate your progress by writing in a journal and reviewing how far you come since the beginning.

Once you see what is possible by setting goals, you will find that you can accomplish just about anything. Finding yourself in a rut is not a bad thing because you now have a flashlight that will help you to get out of it. You just have to figure out what you want to pursue and set up a plan to make it happen. Then, it’s simply a matter of following that plan.