Quick Tips on How Using an Accountability Partner Can Change Your Life!

Creating change in your life by pursuing goals can be quite challenging and overwhelming. The encouraging thing is that there are plenty of people who are also pursuing goals as well. While their goals may not be exactly the same as yours, they may be close enough that you can share with them because you both are sharing a similar journey. For instance, if you have a goal to lose 50 lbs. and your friend has a goal to lose 30 lbs., you can encourage each other to eat right and exercise daily. An accountability partner is like your goal buddy because they keep you on track to accomplishing your goal and you return them the favor. They help keep you motivated when you are not feeling up to taking the required actions required in order to accomplish your goals.

The first thing you must do is decide if you will choose to be your accountability partner. It may seem easier to simply choose a friend or family member that is trying to achieve similar goals, but that comes with its own drawbacks. When you choose someone that you know to help keep you accountable you make find yourself telling them that you to leave you to leave you alone or that you are not in the mood. Unfortunately, a friend or family member may let you off the hook and not push you, which defeats the purpose of having someone to keep you on track. On the other hand, if you choose someone that that is not a current friend or family member, not only will you have someone that can push you but you will also have an opportunity to make a new friend.

The greatest part about having someone as an accountability partner that is also pursuing the same goals as you are is that they also know what you are going through. As each one of you complete your goals you can celebrate the accomplishments together. There will be many challenges that you will need to overcome in order to reach your goals, but the relationship that is developed can be longlasting. It is a comradery that can be difficult for outsiders to even begin to understand. You have the ability to have someone to bounce off ideas and suggestions as well as pick each other up when problems come up.

In order to make your goal buddy a great accountability partner you must do the following things:

  • AgreeĀ (upfront) on the type of relationship you will have with your goal buddy
  • Share your list of actions that you need to complete in order to achieve your goals
  • Decide whether you will check in with each other daily or weekly
  • Decide on what means that you will use in order to communicate. Will you phone each other, text or maybe even try communicating via email? If you use email, the benefit is that it will provide you with an audit trail which can assist you if any dispute occurs.
  • Keep you accountability partners limited to 1 or 2 people. Communication can be confusing enough between two people, let alone five or six.