Stay Committed to the Big Picture

Lack of “big picture” vision can cause you to become stuck in the details.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires a certain personality, one that believes that they can create something out of nothing. In order to fulfill the dream of business ownership, you will need a never-ending amount of drive and enthusiasm. If you do not believe in yourself or your own business, you really should just throw up your hands and continue working for someone else. A successful business requires you to be committed to the “big picture” without that commitment, you can easily lose sight of why you started out on the treacherous path of entrepreneurship in the first places. Lack of “big picture” vision can cause you to become unmotivated and the result will be the demise of the business that you have worked so hard to build.

If you are starting a new venture, here are a few tips to help you to stay focus on the “big picture”.

  • Write out your mission/vision statement. You can only be committed to your business if it is tied to your values and goals. A mission/vision statement is big picture thinking. It should detail the purpose of your business and its key philosophies. Putting your “big picture” into words is important because it can help you to remember why you started your business in the first place.
  • Identify your big goals and then work backwards. Start the process by identifying the big projects that you want to complete, (such as, launch a new project, starting a new service, or creating a new marketing campaign) then break that project into mini-goals. Start by identifying all of the tasks that it will take to complete your overall goal. You don’t need to list every minute detail, but instead simply break it down by what needs to get done, who is assigned to get it done and the deadline for each task. Next, prioritize the tasks into an ordered list. Lastly, be prepared to revise your plan as needed. There is no need to keep making constant revisions, but if something big does occur that can alter the outcome, then don’t be scared to adjust your plans as need.
  • Measure twice, cut once. Okay, in the case of business, this quote is not saying that you can’t make mistakes, instead it means to make sure that you thoroughly research your business ventures in order to strengthen the possibility of being profitable. You definitely do not want to view market research on the “small stuff”. Tasks like target marketing, product appeal, setting the best price, etc. require a lot of in depth market research.
  • Outsource the tasks that bore or frustrate you. Small business owners often fall into the trap of thinking that they must do everything themselves. This thought process is usually the result of operating on a very tight budget and feeling as though you can’t afford to hire additional help. Another reason the small business usually fail to hire early on is that they want micromanage and control everything. Unfortunately, one person cannot do everything. The best way to hire affordable help is to hire freelance contractors. Some great sites include,, and more.
  • Constantly evaluate the state of your business. If you have a rough spot, don’t work because changes can always be made. You should always access and reassess your marketing method or perhaps invest in better equipment.


Business ownership is an overwhelming tasks and it can be difficult to maintain the level of commitment that one has at the initial phase of their business venture. Big picture thinking helps you to remain focused and remember why you have chosen to venture down the path of entrepreneurship. Remember, once you reach your goals, you will realize that everything was worthwhile.