Business Strategist & Implementation Coach

Business Coaches often get a bad name because many of them are simply business cheerleaders. They may be able to help you meet your goals by keeping you accountable, but many do not personally have key business skills or certain qualifications because they depend on outsourcing many tasks. I do not believe that you need to know everything, but your Business Coach should be an expert in business, don’t you think? I am more a Business Strategist & Implementation Coach because I am both a geek and a nerd when it comes to business. A geek is someone who is an enthusiast and that’s me…I am constantly reading books, viewing videos, listening to podcasts and doing business-related activities. I am also a nerd when it comes to business which is demonstrated through my ability to actually specialize in the things that I teach. I do not just share the theories that I have learned in school, but I have gone on to earn certifications in multiple business and marketing related┬áspecialties. I love business and marketing. Moreover, I love sharing what I have learned with others so that they can live their own dreams!