Try Again: Prepare Yourself For A Second Chance by Successfully Complete Your Goals


There are an amount of infinite second chances, so never give up!

We have just started the second work week into the New Year, so how are those resolutions and/or goals going? Are you working out more? Have you published your business website? Did you really give up eating sweets? If the answer is no, do not give up. Simply try again!


In order for this to not be a year that gets away from you and become a year of regret for not achieving your goals, you must do some things differently. Your goals do not have to be merely dreams and/or wishes. You can move from a path that involves unachievable goals to a path that includes attainable targets. In order to do this, you must change your approach.


So are you ready to truly commit to creating your BIG life and making your dreams reality? Once you are committed to believing that your dreams do not have to be just a list of wishes, you can then start putting things in place to actually attain the desires of your heart and mind. Moreover, being that it is the beginning of the year it is the perfect time to recommit yourself to your dreams.


I have provided you with a step-by-step to ensure that you have an effective plan for achieving your New Year goals:


  1. Be thankful for where you are right now. Even if you are not exactly where you want to be in your life, I am sure you are undoubtedly closer to your desired self than you were before. Take a moment and recall the accomplishment you have made thus far. Feel good about yourself and use the feeling to strengthen your commitment to your goals.


  1. Start with a FULL list of goals. If you are going to be truly committed to making your dreams a reality, you must change from an intangible list of dreams in your head to a tangible list written on paper. Write down ALL of your goals for this year. Be very specific about exactly what you want to accomplish. Ensure that this list is measurable (include numerical data)


  • Writing down your goals will help you to crystallize your thinking. It will have you to move from generalizations and the intangibility of dreams. This process of writing down your goals allows you to accept the possibility that your dreams really can come true.


  1. Make sure that your goals are specific. While it can be scary, do not be afraid to write the details to your goals. For example, avoid writing goals like, “I want to be rich” because that is not a measurable goal.


If your goal is to increase your income, then you should include the following details:

  • How much money do you want to make?
  • Why do you want to make more money? What will this money provide for you that you desire?
  • What lifestyle do you want that money will provide for?
  • Is there a specific item that you want to spend the money on?
  • When do you want to arrive at this specific amount of money?
  • What will you do to earn/make the money?


  1. Prioritize your goals. After writing down ALL of your goals, you now probably have a list of over 20 or so aspirations that you desire to attain for this year. The next step is to arrange the items in this list in the order that you want to achieve them. Lastly, break them into sets of five, then rank them in priority (First 5, Second 5, Third 5, etc.)


  1. Break down each goal into steps. If you only look at the ultimate goal, it can be quite intimidating and appear to be unattainable. By simply breaking the BIG goal into small goals you will be able to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed.


An example of breaking big goals into small goals would include the following:


  • If you want to start a business; some of your small goals would include buying a web domain or registering your business name.
  • If you want to lose weight, then some of your small goals would include joining a gym or ridding your fridge of unhealthy food.


  1. Reaffirm your commitment to achieving your goals. With each goal, start by saying, “I reaffirm my commitment to…” and then read the details of the goal from the beginning to end. By reaffirming your commitment, you officially vow to do what is necessary to achieve the goals. Commit yourself to overcoming obstacles and finding solutions for problems; by doing so you are preparing yourself mentally to continue to work on your goals through good and bad times.


  1. Focus on the first set of five goals. Identify the necessary steps that must be completed in order to achieve these goals. The process of breaking down the goals into tasks shows that each goal is attainable. Now that you know this, it is only a matter of completing each step, one by one. Once you have completed your last step, you have achieved your goal!


  1. Set realistic timelines. Assign deadlines to each step of your goals, but realize that some goal may be achieved in one day or a week while larger goals often take months or years. Take into consideration how the timeline plays a part in the motivation for pursuing your goals.


  • If the deadline is too far away, you might procrastinate or not start your goal at all.
  • If the deadline is too soon, you may become overwhelmed and discouraged if you do not make your deadline.


  1. Focus on actions, evaluate results and make necessary tweaks. In life, you can only control the actions that you take. Focus on those actions and be consistent.


  • Take action towards your dream every day. Each day find something you can do that will bring you a little closer to meeting your goal.
  • Be open to change. Your goals are not set in stone. If you choose to change your goal and set a new goal that does not mean you are giving up. It only means that you have access the situation and made a wise decision to make modifications.
  • Learn from your setbacks. Things might not go as plan, so just access the results and make the necessary corrections. Learn from the experience and welcome them as course corrections towards your inevitable success. Never stop moving in a forward direction.


  1. Celebrate successes along the way. Every day, visualize what success will feel like and celebrate your inevitable victory. Reward yourself for completing various steps of your goal and then move to the next goal on the list.


These strategies will enable you to not only reach your goals but also avoid getting overwhelmed. Whatever happens, do not give up. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. If you continue taking action and moving forward, you will reach the finish line. You may be closer to accomplishing your dreams than you think!


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